Styled and finished entirely by hand

Congratulations! You have reached one of the last places to design and have a custom handmade hat made just for you, using old-world techniques, practically endless customization options, and extra attention to your specifications.

What makes an Agnoulita hat special?

Our Materials
Hat Bodies
We source our felt and straw from the best manufacturers around the world. We carefully handpick the best pieces in each category offering endless color combinations in wool felt, rabbit and hare fur felt, velour, peach bloom, suede, melange (flecked), long hair (melusines), beaver and some of the most beautiful Milan straws available nowadays. Occasionally you may have the opportunity to select some rare pieces from our large vintage stock.

Supple and comfortable. Our leather sweatbands are 100% handmade out of carefully selected pieces of coated calf, sheep or goat leather. Hand-cut and reeded in the house at the time of your order. Available in Burgundy, Light Grey, Natural, Tobacco Brown, Dark Brown, Petrol and Black.

A touch of luxury. Your hat will come with a tailored high-end satin lining (200 gr/m²). Available colors are White, Black, Off-white, Elephant Grey, Camel Taupe, Golden, Beige Gold, Dusty Pink, and Peach. Double tone liners are of course available in any color combination.

Our Process
Traditional techniques. We still use our original wooden base blocks and the same wet blocking techniques to make some of the classic and functional styles of hats that brought us so far. These are more than ten different basic styles available in two head shapes (Regular Oval and Long Oval) for stretching and shaping the hat body of your choice into the right hat.

Longer hat life. The ironing process increases the density of the felt and thus the longevity of your hat. We will carefully iron the crown of your hat on a spinner using hand-held vintage iron polishers.

Soft touch. Fur felt comes pounced to an industry standard of 320 grit. This is where most hat makers stop. We further sand all our hats to a fine 1000 grit entirely by hand. Dressier fur felt hats are polished to an extra fine 2000 grit to maximize smoothness.

Organic look. We shape and style all of our designs entirely by hand. There is no chance of meeting a person wearing an identical pair of your hat out there. We moreover offer a variety of pre-shaped fashionable styles for those seeking a sharper look with more defined edges and dents.

Sandbagging for success. We are proud to offer some of the crispiest fedora brims you can find.

Every stitch is important. All the parts that go into your hat will be sewn-in entirely by hand with extra care and attention to detail.

Stellar condition. It is our policy that our work gets to you in perfect condition. All our hats are shipped with a drawstring bag and care instructions inside sturdy round hat boxes, ideal for storing your hat for a long period.

Your Options
The choice is always yours. Yes, we do make and use our stiffener. We are proud of our capacity to make supple and malleable fedora crowns than pop back to their basic open shape so that you can reshape them from the start. Or a well structured western style hat that will accompany you for years.

Crown Shape
Higher or lower. You are welcome to set your own hat's crown height and tapper to fit your physical attributes best. Available crown heights in most blocks styles are: 4 1/2", 4 3/4", 5", 5 1/4", 5 1/2", 5 3/4" and 6". Please contact us for a private consultation or additional information.

Brim Style
A flanging story. Our extensive collection of brim flanges is at your disposal. Some of your options include:
- Table flat and extra-wide (up to 4")
- Classic fedora snap brims
- Homburg styled brims
- Bowler styled brims
Available widths in most styles: 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/8", 2 1/4" , 2 3/8", 2 5/8", 2 3/4" or 3".

Brim Finish
Adding flair to your design. Some of your options include:
- Raw edge (cured to ensure longevity)
- Single, double or triple stitch finish
- Brim edge ribbon binding (6 mm, 12.5 mm or 15 mm)
- Underwelt/ Overwelt (fold & sew felt)
- Curled edge (5/8" or 3/4")

Custom Fit
Heads do not come in sizes. Choosing the correct size is rather a matter of your personal preference. A tight-fitting hat wears higher and stays on better on a windy day. It could feel a bit uncomfortable though during a long stroll on a hot sunny day. A looser-fitting hat, on the other hand, is far more comfortable but your hat will wear a bit lower. You are welcome to provide your exact head measurement, and we will custom size your hat to fit.

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