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The Regal Knots Series

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From Boardrooms to Ballrooms

Step into the world of Agnoulita Hats' Regal Knots Series, where each men's silk tie is a narrative woven in luxury and sophistication. Here, the timeless craft meets contemporary finesse, inviting you to adorn a piece that speaks volumes of elegance with a whisper of silk.

lose-up of a man in a dark suit with a striped silk tie from the Regal Knots Series, part of Agnoulita's Collection. The ambient light accentuates the tie's texture and the suit's fine craftsmanship.

Craft Your Legacy

Make the definitive choice with Agnoulita Hats' Regal Knots Series. With a lineage of luxury silk ties at your fingertips, each selection promises to be an heirloom, treasured across generations. Embrace the art of sophistication; adorn a silk tie that elevates your ensemble to a statement of unrivaled class.

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Silken Strength

Indulge in the durability of finely crafted silk, ensuring each tie is a lasting companion to your wardrobe

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Signature of Sophistication

Make every moment count with a tie that epitomizes sophistication and a personal touch

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The Comfort of Elegance

Experience the gentle embrace of silk that combines luxury with unparalleled comfort, from dawn till dusk

Versatility in Threads

Whether it's the sharp sophistication needed for the boardroom or the understated elegance for a quiet evening out, these silk ties traverse the spectrum of social scripts. The versatility of our silk necktie sets positions you perfectly for every scene, making each selection from the Regal Knots Series a pivot towards perfection in any setting.

Elegance Woven in Every Thread

Our luxury silk ties are not just accessories; they are the epitome of a rich heritage and modern luxury interlaced. Each Italian silk necktie is crafted to not just complement your outfit but to enhance your presence in any room.

A Palette of Sophistication

From the romantic hues of weddings to the bold statements of business meetings, our pure silk neckties offer a spectrum of choices. With our silk tie gift sets, extend the gift of elegance to someone special, making their milestone moments unforgettable.