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Where Every Hat Tells a Story

About Us: Transforming Styles with Custom Felt Hats

Crafted Legacies: The Agnoulita Story

The Birth of a Passion

In a world dominated by convenience and the allure of mass production, Panos Skantzaris, a seasoned professional in the financial management business, found himself at a crossroads. While he had built a stable career, his heart was elsewhere. Always a hat wearer, he was deeply influenced by memories of his grandfather's vast collection of hats from renowned vintage brands like Stetson, Dobbs and Borsalino. The beaver fur-felt fedoras his grandfather wore with pride as a train station master symbolized for Panos a bygone era of craftsmanship and elegance.

It was during this period of introspection that Agnes, the love of his life, stepped in. Recognizing the passion burning within Panos, she gifted him with some of the world's finest hats. Driven by curiosity and love for the craft, he began to deconstruct them, learning their secrets to replicate their excellence. With Agnes's unwavering support and encouragement, he made the bold decision to leave behind his established career and dive headfirst into the world of hat-making. This passion project evolved into Agnoulita, a brand named in honor of Agnes, standing as a testament to their shared love story and a celebration of timeless craftsmanship.


Crafted with Heart

Every Agnoulita hat is more than just an accessory; it's an extension of one's personality, a deeply personal statement. We understand that hats, perhaps more than any other accessory, hold a unique place in people's hearts. They're not just about shade or style; they're about identity, memories, and aspirations. Our clients come to us with diverse requirements, each seeking that perfect hat that resonates with their individuality.

Our artisans recognize this profound connection. As they craft, they don't just shape materials; they listen to stories, understand desires, and become one with the wearer's vision. They weave stories, aspirations, and dreams into every stitch, ensuring each hat is a reflection of the soul it's meant for. For us, it's not merely about fashion; it's about the profound love for art, an unwavering passion for quality, and the sheer joy of bringing something truly unique to life.

But beyond the craft, our artisans are the heartbeat of Agnoulita. They aren't just employees; they're family. And just as we value the families of those who wear our hats, we deeply cherish and prioritize the families of our artisans. Their well-being, their dreams, and their families come first, always. This ethos is woven into our brand's fabric, ensuring that when you choose Agnoulita, you're choosing a brand that values community, connection, and care. Together, we're not just making hats; we're curating deeply personal experiences. Each hat, meticulously crafted with the finest materials, stands as a testament to our collective commitment to excellence, family, and the close-knit community that makes it all possible.


Our Enchanted Vision

At Agnoulita, our dreams are as vast as the skies. We see a future where the rhythm of slow fashion sets the pace, where every creation narrates a tale, and where quality isn't just preferred—it's the only way. Our commitment isn't limited to crafting exquisite hats; it's about intertwining love, narratives, and sustainability into the very fabric of our brand.

Meet Our Master Craftsmen

The Artisans Who Shape Our Legacy

Discover the stories, dedication, and craftsmanship that weave the fabric of our brand, making each hat not just an accessory, but a masterpiece of artistry and tradition.

Panos - Master Hatter

Creating high-quality hats is crucial to me. I ensure each hat that leaves my studio is something I'd proudly wear, guaranteeing the best craftsmanship. It's not just about the materials or stitches; it's about meeting my own high standards before it becomes part of someone else's collection.

Anna - Hat Designer

When making hats, I focus a lot on the details, like how each stitch is placed. It's hard for someone not trained to see the tiny flaws, but I check each stitch carefully. Getting the measurements and how tight the stitches are is key to making sure everything holds together well. This kind of attention to detail is what makes our hats stand out; there's real beauty in those little things.

agnoulita hats team member Dionysia

Dionysia - Hat Maker

As a hat maker and customer service rep, my passion lies in crafting each hat with care and using quality materials. I'm also into photography, which helps me showcase the unique beauty of our hats. My aim? To make sure every customer feels confident and special with their choice. It's all about creating hats that stand out and make people feel fantastic.

agnoulita hats team member myrto

Myrto - Hat Maker

I'm Myrto, the junior hat maker here. Every day, I put my heart into creating high-quality hats, focusing on every detail to ensure they're the best they can be. It's rewarding to see how my work contributes to our success and being a part of this team means a lot to me.

HQ Stories

Step into Our Custom Hat Shop

We're thrilled to announce the production of a documentary film about our custom hat shop! This film will showcase the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication behind each hat we create, featuring interviews with our talented hatmakers and designers. You'll get an inside look at the artistry of hatmaking, from the design process to the final touches.

Stay tuned for an exclusive peek into the world of high-quality hatmaking that defines Agnoulita.

Filming a documentary film

With journalist Ioanna Voutsi for PEMPTOUSIA TV

"Bespoke fashion is a rewarding field - there is no feeling quite like seeing the joy on the faces of customers when they receive something you have crafted with your own hands.

Creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are tailored to their specifications, not only in terms of shape and size but also any individual customization that adds a special touch, allows them to feel truly satisfied with their purchase.

Knowing that I have managed to achieve this level of quality for a customer who resides on the other side of the globe is an incomparable feeling; whether it's a five-star review, a "thank you!" note or a photo from their wedding or vacation wearing my hat - these are all sentiments every craftsperson strives for and can hold dear."