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You're Unique, Your Hat Should Be Too

Experience the luxury of personalized design

 smiling young couple in stylish felt Agnoulita fedora hats and classic coats against a dark background, exuding a vintage charm

You're Unique, Your Hat Should Be Too

Experience the luxury of personalized design

World's Premier Destination for Custom Hat Design

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Artisan Picks: Curated Creations

The Ulysses - Open-Road Style Wide Brim Fedora For Men in Burgundy Beaver Fur Felt | Agnoulita Quality Custom Hats 1


Crafted with precision, the Ulysees fedora showcases a teardrop crown that exudes sophistication and elegance. The ribbon-bound snap brim adds a touch of refinement, allowing you to effortlessly transition between an upturned or downturned brim for a personalized look.

The Jubilee bowler hat posed against a soft, light background, accentuating its dark slate grey color and classic silhouette.


Handcrafted with artisanal care, the fine dress weight rabbit fur felt body whispers of a bygone era, redefined for today's man. Its elegant and classic silhouette is adorned with a tasteful black grosgrain ribbon band and bow, making it a testament to a tradition of hat etiquette.

The Oppenheimer: Showcase of the Fedora's overall silhouette and design | Agnoulita Hats


The Oppenheimer is handcrafted to fit your exact head size, ensuring not just a great look but unparalleled comfort. The telescope crown design, a standout feature, pays homage to the past while the variety of color combinations offer endless options for the present.

The TONY | Agnoulita Custom Handmade Hats Agnoulita Hats 1 | Men's Fedora, Rabbit fur felt, Teardrop, Umber Brown


A teardrop fedora that effortlessly merges style with functionality. This hand-shaped marvel in fur felt is a style statement with its unique, wide snap brim. Timelessly fashionable and proven in quality, this hat sits comfortably, marking its presence and making heads turn each time.

Close-up view of the interior of a custom handmade Agnoulita Hat, showcasing the brand's logo and high-quality construction.

Bespoke by Design

From Your Imagination to Our Creation

Dive into the artistry where each hat is a story, told and woven by Mr. Pappa himself. From classic designs showcased on our site to the myriad of bespoke creations brought to life through private commission, your imagination is our blueprint.

With Mr. Pappa’s hands guiding each creation, experience the blend of unparalleled quality and personal touch.

"Image of an instrument being used to measure the thickness of leather for the sweatband in the crafting of Agnoulita Hats.

The Selection Process: Only the Best

Our journey begins with choosing the finest materials, ensuring durability and comfort in every hat.

Shelves filled with a variety of vintage hat blocks, used in the creation of Agnoulita Hats

The Foundation: Traditional Wooden Hat Blocks

Our traditional wooden hat blocks, the foundation of each design, embody our commitment to time-honored hat-making techniques.

"Customer selecting components for his custom Agnoulita Hat from an array of options including sweatbands, liners, ribbons, and color cards.

Endless Options: Create Your Unique Style

A hat and a sea of finishes, each providing a unique opportunity to create a hat that is truly yours.

Close-up shot showcasing the detailed finishing of a custom Agnoulita Hat designed by a customer.

In the Details: Witness the Precision

A close-up view of our well-crafted hats, where every stitch tells a story of precision and passion.

Image of a measuring ring used to gauge the inside circumference of an Agnoulita Hat, an integral part of our quality control process.

Perfect Fit: Quality Control at Its Finest

Our rigorous quality control ensures a perfect fit, because we believe that comfort and style should go hand in hand.

Customer-submitted photo of a finished custom Agnoulita Hats fedora, the same hat he was shown designing earlier.

The Final Masterpiece: Custom Made for You

The finished masterpiece, a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and quality, custom-made just for you.

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