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About Us: Crafting Confidence with Custom Felt Hats

At Agnoulita, we believe everyone deserves to express their unique style with confidence. Our journey started with a passion for revolutionizing the hat industry by creating custom felt hats that are both affordable and high-quality.

We know finding the perfect hat can be tough with limited styles and poor fits. That’s why we craft hats tailored to your exact preferences, ensuring they elevate your look and fit perfectly.

Our love for hats drives us to create masterpieces that not only transform styles but also boost our customers’ confidence.

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Tailored to You

At Agnoulita, we tackle the issue of ill-fitting, generic hats by offering detailed customization. Every hat we create is designed to match your unique style and needs perfectly.

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Expert Craftsmanship

With a deep love for hats, our artisans ensure each piece is stylish and high-quality. Every stitch reflects our passion, resulting in hats that are both beautiful and durable.

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Affordable Luxury

Luxury should be within everyone’s reach. Our custom hats blend elegance and affordability, offering high-quality pieces without the high price tag.

Meet The Artisans

Portrait of Panos, the founder of Agnoulita Hats, wearing a stylish fedora with a maroon band, symbolizing his commitment to high-quality hat craftsmanship

Mr. Pappa Hats

We dream of a future where everyone can experience the confidence and elegance that a perfectly crafted hat brings. We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that our growth positively impacts both our customers and the environment.

Portrait of Anna, a dedicated member of the Agnoulita Hats team, in a denim blouse, standing in the workshop with shelves of hat-making materials in the background


Our vision includes growing our community of hat enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of tradition and modernity in our designs.

Portrait of Dionysia, a talented member of the Agnoulita Hats team, with an earnest expression


We envision a world where Agnoulita hats are synonymous with quality, style, and individuality, helping people express themselves confidently through their unique styles.

Portrait of Myrto, a member of the Agnoulita Hats team, showcasing a subtle smile while wearing a stylish olive green hat with a red band


We aim to continue innovating and expanding our collection, ensuring that we meet the evolving tastes and needs of our customers.

Mr. Pappa is a master hat maker, and I am so pleased with the work that he did for me. He is very professional, and made sure that my hat was made according to the specific details and measurements that I required. My hat’s off you you, Agnoulita Hats!
— Lance Kimber, Temecula, CA
This is by far the most beautiful hat I have ever had and it fits me perfectly. Mr. Pappa is a real artist! I could personalize the hat and the final result was exactly what I had in my mind. 100% recomended!
— Pablo Haldón Contreras, Sevilla, Spain
Mr Pappas never fails to exceed expectations! The unique array of colors not found in most men’s hats makes it to where I stand out in the crowd and have a fedora that’s virtually one-of-a-kind.I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these showstoppers!
— Kevin Luck, Muskogee, OK
Another beautiful custom hat by “Mr. Pappa” (my third!). Just exactly what I asked for, and it fits perfectly.

Once again, my highest recommendation.
— Michael Flores, Fresno, CA

The Heart of Agnoulita: Mr. Pappa and Agnes

"Mr. Pappa has been a passionate hat wearer and collector for his entire life, with his love for hats tracing back to early childhood memories of his grandfather, a train station master, and his timeless everyday dress hats. Recognizing a gap in the market for high-quality, custom-fitted, and affordable hats, he decided to pursue his true passion. With unwavering support from his life partner, Agnes, he transitioned from a career in finance to hat-making. Together, they founded Agnoulita, a name that honors Agnes’s steadfast support. Their mission is clear: to revive the artistry of hat-making by creating unique pieces that reflect each customer's individuality and sophistication, while ensuring every hat is affordable and accessible to the everyday person."

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"Life is too short for anything less than a bespoke hat. Agnoulita Hats is that old-school family business that you feel you can entrust with the brief."

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"Glowing reviews, international awards and exports of 95% of their handmade products to countries outside the European Union."

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