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Sustainability at The Heart of Our Mission

At our company, a commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our mission.

We choose suppliers with the utmost care, ensuring all natural materials used in our product cycle are sourced responsibly, reducing both energy consumption and environmental impact. Furthermore, we have strict waste management policies in place, actively engaging with suppliers to ensure by-products can be recycled or reused to their fullest potential.

We acknowledge our responsibility and are proud that we continue to implement best practices in order to help create a more sustainable future.

A Responsibility to Future Generations

We understand the responsibility we have to use resources sustainably and are dedicated to doing so without compromise. Our team is proud to play its part in helping create a more sustainable future!

Sustainable Materials

We are committed to using only materials that are sustainable, keeping our operations as eco-friendly as possible.

Environmental Care

We are dedicated to operating responsibly while creating positive environmental solutions.

Responsible Supply Chain

We recognize the importance of environmental and social sustainability in global supply chains.

High Industry Standards

At HNC-HatWorks we understand both the importance of using leather and the importance ofprotecting the environment.

This commitment to responsible production ensures that not only can you enjoy thequality materials composition of our leather products, but also thatyou can do so knowing that your purchase supports environmental sustainability practices.

We only source our leathers from those with certified leather production processes, ensuring that all leather used meets the industry’s highest standards.

Supplier of Agnoulita hats leather parts
agnoulita hats leather scraps

Minimizing Waste

We are dedicated to removing unnecessary waste from the production process.

As part of this commitment, we have made the switch to made-to-order production. This means that instead of creating products without knowing if they will be purchased, our customers can place orders for exactly what they need or want. By reducing inventory levels and only creating products when an order is made, it ensures that no materials and resources go unused. In turn, this minimizes overall waste while also ensuring our customers get exactly what they requested in a timely manner.

Natural Fibers

We take pride in our commitment to being an eco-friendly, green company.

We believe that providing quality products doesn't have to come at the expense of harming the environment; that's why we exclusively use all-natural materials whenever possible. Our raw materials are both locally and ethically sourced, ensuring that each item we make reflects our values of sustainability and responsible production. Our team works hard to create beautiful items through conscientious production methods so that you can enjoy a product you love without compromising your values.

Beaver felt hat bodies used to make HNC-HatWorks Agnoulita Hats

Certified Suppliers

Our team is committed to the highest standards of animal welfare.

We selectively source products from certified suppliers who share in our values and ethics. Each certified supplier goes through a rigorous quality control check to ensure they abide by the strictest regulations and protect animals’ rights. We have zero tolerance for any form of animal cruelty and make sure all our certified suppliers adhere to this core value. Our commitment to animal welfare is deep-rooted and will remain a priority as we continue to serve our customers with humanely sourced products.

Carbon-free production

HNC-HatWorks has made a commitment to use carbon-free production methods.

We understand the importance of being mindful of our environmental impact while keeping up with demand. To ensure we use only renewable energy sources, all machinery used is powered by either solar or wind energy, reducing our use of fossil fuels and providing a long-term source of clean energy. In addition, use of machinery is kept to an absolute minimum where possible – manually operated processes are employed whenever feasible. This not only eliminates emissions on the production line but results in higher quality assurance due to shorter processing times and increased control over delicate components of our hatmaking.

We believe in doing good for both people and the planet by pursing our commitment to carbon-free methods for all aspects of product development and production.

Agnoulita hats ribbon weaving machine

Certified suppliers