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Joseph Dobrian (Iowa City, US)
Just what I asked for.

The hat was made to my exact specifications and delivered in a timely manner. No complaints. I'm very happy with the order.

Scott McCloud (Charlotte, US)
It’s just like the movies!

Incredible hats that are affordable and best quality. So far I have 2 Raiders (brown & dark slate) and now this awesome Templar in pewter! My only concern now is…. Which color do I get next? These Indy hats look so great with a suit or jeans, etc.. I wear mine every night on stage when I’m singing & playing bass. I get compliments ALL THE TIME on these hats. I can’t say enough how awesome HNC is! 1st class customer service! Incredibly fast turnaround and shipping - and I live in North Carolina - USA! These’s no one else who comes this close to the Indy hat I have wanted since I was a kid 42 years ago in the theatre.
Thanks so much Mr. Pappa and Dionysia!

Bob Potter (New Milford, US)
Love it.

I'm very happy with the hat. I find the sizing options very helpful since I'm in between with a lot of brands, and the whole customization is fun and easy.

Joe Skee (Dallas, US)

Amazing quality. Had a great experience with this company, these people. It really is a personable experience. I really appreciate you reaching out to me to confirm my choices when needed. But the quality... I really 100% perfect. Very customizable too. I can't say enough in one paragraph here so I'll just leave another review when I place my next order.... and I will place another order. Thanks gang.

Anonymous (Merced, US)
Fantastic western

Exceptional value and a great hat that compares favorably with those costing much more. The felt was nicely pounced and and the finish was perfect. The build quality does not disappoint. The crown was easily shaped, but also has just the right firmness to hold its shape…just how I wanted it. Thank you Mr. P!

Florian Kremers (Wiesbaden, DE)
Smaller brim / high crown

This is my first Agnoulita Hat. At first I was unsure about the brim size but then ordered as it is on the page without any changes. After a week of wear I found it to be a great and versatile hat. The color feels one step darker as on the page but it’s a matter of lighting perhaps. The brand was recommended by a friend and now I’ll recommend it to others too. Cheers

Lucian Netejoru (Ploieşti, RO)


Ian Read (London, GB)
Sweatband Problem

The hat was fine except the sweatband, which was fitted rather badly.

Dr. Sharnn Shepheard (Springfield, US)
Beautiful Fedora…Classic Hollywood!!!

I am totally impressed and loving my Tony Fedora… it’s a true classic, well made and fits great! The service was absolutely EXELLENT! My hats arrived well before the stated due date and the owners kept me informed during the fabrication of my hats! I will be purchasing more in all the standard colors… every gentleman who cares about how he presents himself should invest in a custom made Fedora… I wear mine mostly formally, with sport coat or suit…. And they compliment my sartorial palate to the letter… these are truly keepsakes for every man’s wardrobe! 5 Star Product! 5 Star Service! 5 Star Craftmenship!!!

Ed Henry Horn (Bloomington, US)
Perfect hat

Wide brim and medium crown that looks great on me! I like the quality of construction so much that I ordered two more in different colors!

Marcio Correa (Brasília, BR)
Fully satisfied.

The "Patron" that I have received from HNC-Hatworks is indeed very well made, top craftsmanship, refined. Excellent choice of materials, as well.

California Hat Wearer (Merced, US)
Perfect dress western

Actual westerns came in all sorts of styles. I like the large diameter curled brim on this hat and the tall crown. The crown will be reshaped into a true vintage style. You can’t get a better hat at twice the cost.

David Macon (Cumming, US)
Just got my pork pie, black with the mustard band!

Haven’t worn it yet, but it looks very good on me. I can’t wait to get out there to show it off.

Patrick May (Birmingham, US)
Grey Fox

I love my hat. Thank you for a job well done! This is my third hat purchased and I look forward to many more.

Stefan Hirtz (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Best fitting hat I had so far

I think the title says a lot. Additional, the hat is beautiful and everyone else was a bit jealous. Big recommendation from me

Patrick Orioles (Appleton, US)
Another Excellent Hat

Second HNC hat. Excellent quality, made to exact specifications.. will continue to add to my collection. Thanks again!

California Hat Wearer (Sacramento, US)
Very nice, but not perfect

For the price I think these are great hats. Mine came with something (glue?) behind the crown ribbon right at the front that is obvious as it distorts the ribbon, some of my fellow hat enthusiasts also noticed it in photos I post of me wearing it, but that’s a minor complaint at this price. The beaver felt is fine, but it does take steam to get it to hold its shape perfectly. The hand/finish is good, but not exceptional. The build quality is also fine; although, the sweatband stitching is closer to the reed edge and farther away from the leather than any hat I’ve owned. This isn’t a fault, just an observation.

It would be unreasonable to expect these hats to equal custom hats costing twice or more, and these are very serviceable. The block is nice a square with minimal taper and the brim has just the right amount of flange to it. I’ve purchased over a dozen hats from this company and all have been satisfactory.

Ron Dale (Oxford, US)

Love the look of the hat. The felt is a little thinner than I expected

Eric McPherson (Shelton, US)
Very nice hat. Well done

I recently purchased the Buckaroo hat from HNC Hatworks. They have done a very good job with the customized items I requested for my hat. They were very helpful, answered all of my questions and showed me that material I requested. They kept me notified on the shipping details and the hat shipped with no problem and it arrived in short time. I am very pleased with the hat HNC Hatworks had custom made for me. I highly recommend them to anyone and I will be ordering my summer hat from HNC. They have done a very nice job!!

Eduardo Sanchez (West Roxbury, US)
The Senator -- PERFECT!

Visited them in October and the team was so friendly, warm, and welcoming. Answered all my questions and the hat arrived in the mail a couple weeks after my visit. Quality, fit, feel, and look is amazing. Perfect hat and great people here at HNC. Will be sure to return as a customer!

Ka Lou Lam (Macao, MO)
The best Xmas present for my friend

I got this for my friend as Xmas present, he is so happy for that, especially the tailor made message and initial on the hat. The packing is superb, such a grand present for him!

Fidel Castillo (Chicago, US)
The raider

Excellent fit and materials.

Steve Valliere (New York, US)
Exceeded my expectations!

Great to do business with. The hat is beautiful. Quality work. Looking forward for the next one.

Michael Lara (San Jose, US)
The fit is PERFECT.

I was very concerned about the fit before placing an order. Every time i measured my head, I got a different measurement. I ultimately went with my mlb baseball fitted cap size and it was perfect! I admittedly was a little disapointed with the ribbon color, as it seems to not match the display image exactly, but im sure thats due to the color representation of my screenband monitor. Thank you for the great hat! I especially appreciate all the communication before placing my order, this is a great team to work with.

J (New York, US)

Absolutely gorgeous! Perfect fit!! Extremely pleased!