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Customer Reviews: What Hat Wearers Have to Say About Our Handmade Hats

At Agnoulita, we take immense pride in our commitment to creating exceptional handmade hats that not only elevate your style but also provide unmatched comfort and quality. But don't just take our word for it! Our valued customers have shared their experiences and love for Agnoulita hats. Read on to discover why they can't get enough of our meticulously crafted headwear.

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Tony model doesn't disappoint

Fit is absolutely on, Love the Navy fur felt, nice and dark, shape is perfect, value is obvious. Snap brim could snap better, overall a heck of a hat in my book. Happy customer!

Great hat, only downside is that the leather sweatband is a bit low

Harold Crawford

Dear Agnoulita Team,
The quality of the hat and workmanship is very good, however, unfortunately it was to small and I returned it for exchange.



Fantastic hat, from a fantastic company!!

Great hat!

This is my second hat from Agnoulita and I've got to say, I am very happy with them. The craftsmanship is great: Great quality felt, beautiful two-piece lining, the binding of the brim is flawless, the leather sweat band consists of to layers of which the inner one is sewed to the felt - it ticks all the boxes of a quality hat at a decent price.

My first hat came in perfect condition, this one needed a little work though. The brim was stuck in the upper position and it was so stiff and tense, that I couldn't get it down without kinking it. Hot steam and some TLC fixed this problem with ease and while at it, I reshaped the whole hat a little bit to my liking (mostly getting the brim to flow right and making the pinch a little more pronounced). It's not hard to do, but for someone who doesn't dare to work on a hat themselves, this would have been an issue.

Anyways, I am very pleased with this hat. It gives me exactly the vintage style I was looking for and which isn't easy to find in a hat anymore. I'm quite positive that this won't be my last purchase of an Agnoulita.

Flat Crown Western Cowboy Hat in Black Wool Felt | The Bolero

A hat fit for endless use

I got this hat to wear to silent film showings and Pre-War car shows. The hat arrived well packed in a hat box, and included a cotton bag (I assume for travel, storage, dust protection, etc.) This hat is divine - the material and rigidity is perfect, and it fits perfectly. Black as night, it is stunning with almost any outfit, and (most importantly) is historically accurate, with a very tall crown and wide hatband. If you are looking to make an investment in your personal style and need something that will last through business meetings and long hot days, this hat will do it. I haven't tried it in the rain yet, but it stays attached to my lapel with the button I added, so I feel comfortable wearing it in the varied and tornado-prone weather of Kansas. 100/100, if I need another hat, I'm choosing Agnoulita.

Love the hat

Black soloist porkpie hat

Really nice hat, exactly as ordered, fits perfectly. Wore it to London today, looked the coolest man in the city!

Exceeding expectations

I ordered custom hat (with even higher internal crown height than originally possible on the ordering form). It took some time to complete, but the hat is crafted perfectly. All the details, seams, finish and overal fit is just spot on. Also, I wasn't expecting such a nice box to be provided with the hat free as well. Strongly recommend.

Exactly what I wanted!

The Shadows is the first hat I ordered from Agnoulita. I was looking for an authentic looking '40s style hat at a reasonable price and found exactly that. The hat is crafted beautifully and exactly to my specifications. It fits very nicely and wears comfortably. I am very happy with this beautiful classic Fedora and it is very likely I'll buy another Agnoulita hat in the future.

Excellent Value

There’s always a bit of apprehension when ordering online from half way across the globe. These concerns were quickly erased upon receiving the hat. Everything was as advertised and of exceptional quality. I’m looking forward to ordering a customized hat in the near future. So glad I found these folks making a quality product at affordable prices.

Great proprod & great service

All good & absolutely top quality.

Beautiful custom made to fit traditional Native American hat.

High quality workmanship. Very impressed. In the old days I would say it’s 10X quality.

The Oppenheimer

I got the Oppenheimer to wear when I'm out and about in New Mexico sun. Its very nicely put together and the felt is smooth and soft with good structure. Shipping was fast and it was double boxed. A+

Love the hat!

Love it!

Great Hat

This hat is beautiful. The size was a perfect fit.

Love it

Great hat!

Outstanding Quality & Craftmanship

My hat arrived this week and I am so thrilled with the quality, fit and look of this extraordinary piece. This is my third hat from Agnoulita and I am certain to purchase more. The sizing is exact and the fit just perfect. The entire purchasing experience was just wonderful, and I love the many, many compliments I receive on my hat, which I wear every day. Thank you!


The Cosmo is a coo hat. I like the navy felt and iron hatband combination.

The Oppenheimer

Quite simply put, this is a most beautifully made, highest quality product I have ever purchased. It arrived on time, tastefully packaged. I will definitely be looking to purchase another or a different style from this company. Excellent product, excellent service. First Class. Five Stars all across the board. Thank you.

Very nice quality

The hat seems to be very well made and I think it was a good value. I am a little disappointed in the appearance of the hat. Not seeing the hat worn by a person or being able to try it on makes it hard to know whether it looks right. If I bought another one I would go with a little smaller brim.

My hat is off to you.

It is a great fitting and well made hat. I enjoy wearing it. Soon I am going to order one for my daughter. Thank you FR

Tony Fedora in caribou grey

I ordered the Tony Fedora in late December and it took only a little over a month for it to get made and delivered to my doorstep. All the requests I put in the order form were fulfilled. I went for a wider hatband and no lining. The colors are caribou felt with dark chocolate hatband and brim binding: A combo I saw on other hats on this page and found to look quite harmonious. Not as harsh as a black band. Quality and fit are great. Next time I might ask for a softer felt perhaps. But I’m happy with it and will order again. Cheers