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7 Steps to Properly Care for Your Handmade Hat

A handmade hat is a beautiful, delicate accessory. It may be made of lightweight straw or heavy felt; either way, it needs proper care. Learn how to properly handle and store your handmade hat to keep it looking its best for years to come.


Hat Care Tips


Handling Your Hat Properly

When you wear your handmade hat, make sure that you do not handle it by the pinch or the crown too often. Doing so can cause breakage over time. Additionally, it's important to keep both the inside and outside of your hat clean of dirt and oil buildup, which can damage the material over time. Make sure that you brush off lint or dirt with a soft bristle brush from time to time before leaving the house.

When Outdoors

When going outdoors with your handmade hat, avoid leaving it in a car or any place where the very high temperature will potentially be an issue. Also, avoid wearing it out in pouring rain, as this could cause irreparable damage to the material and shape of your hat. If you ever find yourself caught without an umbrella during a rain shower, make sure that once you get indoors, hang your hat and let it dry naturally away from heat sources such as radiators or portable heaters.

Storing Your Hat

When storing your handmade hat when not in regular use, keep it in a hatbox if possible. This will help protect its shape and prevent dust accumulation. If you have limited storage space, place your brimmed fedora upside down when not on your head; this will help maintain its shape while preventing dust accumulation and discoloration over time due to light exposure. Finally, never leave your hats exposed to heat and humidity, as this could lead to them shrinking or suffering distortion of shape and color over time.

 Caring for a new handmade hat doesn't have to be complicated—just follow these simple instructions! After all, what's better than investing in something handmade, with a lot of love and care put into it? A handmade hat is not only an accessory; it's an art form that celebrates individuality. The beauty of creating something by hand is that no two pieces are exactly alike; you'll have your one-of-a-kind item forever. Now that you know these simple instructions on caring for your new handmade hat, you can let the wind fly through your hair and be confident that your stylish addition stands the test of time!

Just remember when it comes to keeping your handcrafted hat looking perfect:

- Don't handle by the pinch or crown
- Keep clean from oil/dirt
- Don't leave it in hot cars/places
- Store in box/upside down
- Brush off lint/dirt before leaving home
- Never wear out in pouring rain
- Hang & dry away from any heat sources


    How do you take care of your lovely hats? Let me know in the comments below!

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