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Style and Earnings Unite

Agnoulita Affiliate Program: Partner With Elegance

Welcome to the Agnoulita Affiliate Program, where passion for unique hats meets rewarding partnerships. Discover the advantages of joining our network, including competitive commissions and a platform to showcase your style influence.

Ready to elevate your earnings and join our stylish mission?

We've streamlined the process to help you succeed from day one.

Generous Commission Rates

Earn a 10% commission on every sale you refer. Your success is rewarded with every hat sold through your unique affiliate link.

Competitive Bonus Structure

New affiliates receive an additional $5 bonus per sale for the first 30 days. A warm welcome to start your earnings off strong.

90-day Tracking Gap

Ample time to earn from referrals. This ensures you're credited for sales made by customers who take their time to decide.

Start your successful partnership with Agnoulita today.


Why Partner with Agnoulita?

✓ Enjoy a lucrative commission on sales you drive, with the potential for increased rates based on your success.

✓ Benefit from a generous tracking window to earn commissions.

✓ Leverage an average order value over $200, enhancing your earning potential.

✓ Get early access to our latest hat collections and special promotions for your audience.

✓ Receive dedicated support from our team, aimed at maximizing your growth and success as an affiliate.

✓ Engage a diverse audience with our universally appealing hats—there's vast potential across different markets to showcase our products.

How It Works

How do I join the Agnoulita Affiliate Program?

Sign up through our Affiliate Recruitment Portal. Just fill in the required details, and you're set to start!

What commission will I earn?

Affiliates earn a 10% commission on sales, plus a 5 EURO bonus per sale in the first 30 days.

How does Agnoulita track affiliate sales?

We use a 90-day tracking gap. Sales made within 90 days of clicking your affiliate link will be credited to you.

When will I receive my earnings?

Payments are processed monthly. Ensure your payment details are up to date in your affiliate dashboard.

How can I increase my affiliate earnings?

Promote actively on social media, blogs, or through email marketing. High-quality content and engaging promotions tend to perform best.

What support does Agnoulita provide to its affiliates?

We offer marketing materials, product insights, and personalized support to help you succeed.