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Taylor-Agnoulita Hats


Wide Brim Fedora Hats for Women

Custom Styling & Fit

Welcome to The Taylor Collection, where each hat is a distinctive blend of style, sophistication, and individuality. This selection of Quality Handcrafted Custom Wide Brim Fedora Hats for Women offers you an opportunity to stand out with a custom fit that's just for you.

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Wide Brim Fedora Style

The wide brim adds a dash of drama to your look, while ensuring ample protection from the sun, making these hats a smart and stylish choice

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Custom Fit

Revel in the comfort and confidence of a hat that feels like your second skin. Our custom fit offers a hat that complements you and your style perfectly

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Handcrafted Brilliance

Each hat is a testament to our artisans' skill and passion, resulting in a hat that's synonymous with top-tier quality and breathtaking aesthetics


Felt Type

Surface Finish


Crown Style

Brim Style

Make The Taylor Your Style Statement Today!

Are you ready to redefine your style? Discover our collection of quality handcrafted wide brim fedora hats for women. Experience the elegance of the fedora style and the comfort of a custom fit. Remember, you're not just buying a hat - you're claiming an experience. So go on, explore The Taylor Collection, claim your style and make your purchase today!

Stand Out from the Crowd

Make it your go-to accessory for any occasion - it will have people wondering where you got such a unique headpiece! Add the Taylor to your collection today, and let your fashion be one step ahead.

Step into the Fedora Elegance

Dive into the everlasting allure of our wide brim fedora hats. Echoing the classic Hollywood charm, these hats infuse your style with a touch of elegance that's forever in vogue. They aren't just hats, they are your signature style, your emblem of confidence and class.

Custom Fit - A Luxury Tailored for You

We believe in the magic of a perfect fit. Our custom fit offers a hat that feels like it's been meticulously crafted just for you. It's not just about looking good, it's about feeling fabulous, feeling like you.